Central American Youth Arrive Today

From the studio this morning, I travel to Selah, Bamberger Ranch, to help facilitate a workshop for youth ambassadors from Central America and South America. The kids, arriving here from Idaho (I think the weather will please) are participating in a three week program hosted by USAID and Georgetown University. After staying at the Ranch and participating in some media workshops, they will join Texas families for the rest of their stay. We'll be presenting work, thoughts, art and more on our themes related to leadership and entrepreneurship on Saturday at 3:00 p.m. at the Southwest School of Art.

Yesterday, I met the new group of SEED teachers -- Central American rural teachers here at Palo Alto College for a year of training. A wonderful team of spirited, strong women and men worked with me learning to lead and assist in some of the activities with the youth ambassadors. A team of ten will join us at the ranch and another team will assist in activities on the river and at the art school. If you'd like to follow along with some of the ongoing projects I do with these international programs, click over to the posterous blog at http://SEED2011.posterous.com and subscribe for updates -- or just check in occasionally to see what's going on.