Where do You (Start) Finish with Art? Part 4

The final step that we artists need to take with our art is that of REFLECTION. This is the step that often is shortchanged, but it can give us a chance to take the next best step.


We tend (I do, anyway) to rush ahead to the next thing without taking time to notice the feelings of satisfaction, of completion, of learning from the process. To simply bask in the sense of rest that completing a big project can bring us. It's the creative engine equivalent of the corpse pose at the end of a vigorous and challenging yoga practice.

Reflecting on what one has done can be as simple as asking "what worked?" and "what didn't?" Not jsut about the final product, but about the process. Did the timing work for you? Did you have a lot of stops and starts, and i so, did they add or subtract from your sense of satisfaction.


It's a good time to get sahre and get feedback from others as well. To notice the impact that the work has on others. Is this a piece that has power and meaning to others? Even if you don't have an exhibition opportunity, can you share it with a critique group, some othr artists? Or anyone whose opinion your respect and trust. What could have made this piece of work more interesting, more powerful, more you. Is it distinct or similar to work that others are doing? And if that is true, what would make it more your own?