Poetry Month: Tiptoeing Between Words and Images

Here's a list of poetry and word image apps that are just made for Poetry Month. Have some fun with your own favorite words, poems or poetry you write yourself:

Word Collage word clouds

Word Collage word clouds

Visual Poetry - Word Collage (iPad - $1.99)

Create concrete (or shape) poems using this collage app. 

TypeDrawing (iPad - $2.99)

Draw with text, with a variety of special effects, lots, colors and more. On the desktop website here at this link. http://www.storyabout.net/typedrawing/

POETRY From The Poetry Foundation (iPadAndroid - Free)

Easy access to thousands of poem from a searchable library of poems that includes many classics. There is audio support for many selections so you can hear different poems read aloud. Search by poet, mood, or subject.

Haiku Poem (iPadAndroid - Free)

Haiku poetry follows a specific pattern-- here you can identify syllables in words as you brainstorm a list to include in your own Haiku. 

WordCollage (iPad - $.99)

Turn a set of words from any site, document or blog post into a collage-like word cloud with selections for color, font, size, direction etc.

And for some inspiring words about digital poetry, see this Edutopia post by Terry Heick:

The best definition I’ve heard for poetry is that it’s “the extraordinary perception of the ordinary.” Being a kind of art, poetry shrinks away from strict definitions. The very nature of art is to challenge thinking. Trying to defining something artistic simply opens up new ground for exploration by those hoping to challenge convention.

Digital poetry is a part of that conversation.