Inner Critic...

Imaged into Submission

Here's a few app suggestions for the Adventurous Inner Critic Creatives. Turn your inner critic into a scary, horrible archetypal image. I use my iPad and apps, but we've also tackled the project by making scary dolls, impossible puppets and collage pictures to express exactly how that inner demon makes us feel. 

cartoon of Inner critic.PNG


Use CartoonCam to picture that inner leering monster looking over your shoulder (photo above).

Turn your inner critic into a cartoon character with
Toon Dream. You could print this one out and make her into a doll! You can actually make cartoon strips and books with this app if you want to have an extended conversation with your critic.


Make a word picture picture of your critic's inner diatribes with Visual Poetry or aTypo Picture.

Giving Actual Voice to the IC is a way to make those inner dialogues dissipate pretty fast -- they start looking and sounding pretty silly.