More Text on Textiles



Here are some details from a one of the pieces I am working on right now. I am hoping to finish this and a couple of others in time to submit them to the SAQA exhibit called "Text Messages"  -- submissions now online! Stay tuned for the finished work, which I will reveal AFTER I hear if and when any of these are accepted to the exhibit.

If you are taking my More Text on Textiles course on Joggles, you'll find out all the details on how these pieces are created, step by step -- especially this one featuring some of my soy batik work. You can see the obvious influence of Sister Corita (Corita Kent) one of my art heroes. Her work in the 1960s was such a revelation to me -- art that combined activism, pop culture, text as shape and form, messages to the world in a wide and wild variety of media. I was fortunate to work alongside some of Corita's students at Learning About Learning Educational Foundation and I learned to make serigraphs from them, as well as hand-cut letters, batik techniques, eraser stamp alphabets and more. They shared the work they were doing with Corita at Immaculate Heart College in California with us in San Antonio. I still use the ideas, approaches and techniques that her work and generous students inspired.

From the UCLA collection.

Again, to take the class, check this link.

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Text on Textiles online 4 classes (5ths optional and free) at JOGGLES. 

And more specifically here.

Start Date: Thursday March 15, 2012
Class: Text On Textiles
Instructor: Susie Monday
Cost: $45/4 lessons

This class is scheduled to begin on March 15, 2012.

NOTE: This class requires use of an all-in-one printer/copier or desktop copier with the ability to enlarge and reduce printed images. The techniques used make use of copies and prints from such a copier/printer. Optional techniques included also involve use of a computer and digital camera.

Have you ever wanted to incorporate a favorite word, poem or quote into an art quilt, garment, art doll or other textile project -- going beyond simply writing or embroidering the text? Or do letter forms and shapes appeal to your sense of design? This surface design/mixed media class will give you a set of process tools for making text and words an integral part of artfully designed fabrics that you can use in a wide variety of projects.

Starting with design exercises that encourage a unique expression of your creativity and interests, you’ll learn three specific techniques for transfers of text, words and writing to fabric using ink-jet printing, polymer medium and textile paints. 

Retreats and Workshops

Just a little poke in ribs. Don't you think you need a treat! These are the next three workshops coming up at El Cielo Studio. And if I say so myself, they deliver a lot of inspiration, ideas, energy AND rest and restoration to all our artist selves for not-so-much dinero.

I hope you can join us. Discounts for early enrollment!

FIELD GUIDE TO COLOR November 12-14 Explore your personal palette while learning the "rules" of color harmony with hands-on exercises. This approach to color design is both intuitive and “scientific,” you’ll learn to trust your instincts with dye, paint and paper experiments while improving your success with color on cloth. We'll tackle a variety of dyeing techniques including low water painting processes and microwave "shibori" techniques. You'll take home work on fabric and paper that can guide a whole new series of work and imagery based on a specific color palette. if you have work that just doesn't work because of color issues, bring it along and we'll do triage! Whether your preference is for earthy tones, crayon-box brights, or soft pastels, you'll learn more about what does and doesn't work and how to bring more energy and excitement to your color choices.

UFO WORKSHOP December 3-5 UFO, “unfinished fiber object.” Bring along work that needs finishing (perhaps a gift or two, or work that’s stuck for need of constructive critique). Enjoy the resources of the studio  -- thermofax machine at-cost, soy wax, dye, screen-printing tools and more -- and the advice and support of peers. We’ll customize the techniques to the tasks at hand. Almost any idea you want to explore can be tackled with support and concentrated time at this workshop. Send me your idea, and I'll tell you if we can support it with tools, materials and advice!

ARTIST'S JOURNEY/ ARTIST'S JOURNAL, January 14-16 This workshop has become an annual tradition. Join me for a weekend of reflection, goal setting, and information about how the habit or journaling can benefit you as an artist -- and make a unique journal cover and artist calendar for a new year of creative work and inspiration. We'll be working with drawing (for non-drawers, too), collage, photography, copy machine printing, web resources and tools and more.  Building good habits for your own work. This workshop fills quickly each year, so if you want to be one of the participants, don't wait to reserve your space. Friday evening will include guided meditation after the pot luck supper. 

Sign up early (at least 30 days in advance with a $25 deposit) for a $15 discount on the $175 fee. Email me for details. First come/first serve -- single bedrooms are in demand (accommodations and food for the entire weekend  $15 to $30)! Note that some of the recent workshops have been filling early. Workshops generally start with an optional Friday night potluck and fun activ- ity or two, then continue through 3-4 pm on Sunday afternoon. Most supplies included.

Something New. Something Old.

JUNE 4-6 

(optional Fri. night potluck)

Many artists have found inspiration in prehistoric and archetypal imagery from caves, cliffs and ancient ceramics. This is the first of a series of “creative study” workshops that will illuminate how you as an artist can take inspiration from the images and imagination of the past, while transforming the images into something uniquely your own. This workshop models a time-proven creative study process (based on that developed at Learning About Learning Educational Foundation and the Paul Baker Theatre)  that can be adapted to many inspirational sources.

We’ll go from collection through synthesis to creating, and explore textile and mixed media techniques that relate to the aesthetic and philosophical qualities and intent of the earliest art-makers. Use handmade brushes as tools, make pigmented paints with ashes, earth, rust and minerals. Learn to use two different techniques for transfering photos and sketches to fabric using a home printer/copier-- directly printing on fabric you  prepare with Bubble Jet Set and doing a transfer print with polyester film and gel medium.

We'll also have a chance to drum, share poetry and stories, and share a meal under the moon and stars. And, of course,  enjoy the beautiful early summer weather in the Texas Hill Country. We've added a sleeping porch to the house, so if you wish, you can even sleep (sort of) under the stars, though the airconditioned comfort of the bedrooms are also available. Only one $30 private room remains, otherwise, for $15 you can sleep in the studio, or for free on the porch or air mattress. Remember to bring swim suits and towels for the pool and hot tub! The workshop fee is $160 whether you stay two nights or one!

Art Workshops at El Cielo, Summer 2009

I just realized I've not posted the new and revised dates for workshops this summer. Text on the Surface is all but full, as is The Shape of the Matter, but a couple more people could squeeze in if you're not too picky about where you sleep. If you're interested email me in the message block on the sidebar.

Workshops in fiber, ceramics, jewelry, painting and mixed media work

Nurture your creativity as you come away from a weekend with renewed energy, new materials and techniques in surface design applicable to fiber, ceramics, jewelry, painting and mixed media work. Susie Monday leads artists’ retreats and workshops throughout the year at her studio near Pipe Creek, Texas, about an hour from downtown San Antonio. El Cielo Studio workshops are designed with the needs of the participants in mind; free time is scheduled throughout the weekend for reading, reflection and personal work in the studio. You are welcome to bring projects in process for Susie’s critique and for peer feedback in an environment of trust and respect. You’ll share meals, poetry and stories, music and advice for living an artist’s life. Enjoy the 25-mile vistas from the deck and strolls down the country roads. A spa and pool, and large screen media room are also available to participants. The fee for each work- shop retreat is $160 for a 2- day event with discounts for early enrollment. Comfortable accommodations are available from $15 - $30 per workshop. Most workshops offer a Friday night potluck option. Limited enrollment. Most supplies included. Call 210-643-2128 or email from the website comments on the sidebar.


May 22 - 24

In this workshop participants experiment with a number of different ways to use written language, letters and text on surface of fabric, for application in the making of art cloth, art quilts and art-to-wear. By putting ideas and personal vision/story into work, artists deepen their own expression of individual voice, using words that are important, using STORY in

a quite literal way,all can be part of that personal way of expression. Some familiar and some new techniques: sunprinting with foam letters, thermofax collage & printing, phototransfer print- ing with copier/printer, soy wax batik with text, mixed media collage. Participants will also see a wide variety of examples of the use of text in fiber and other con- temporary work, broadening their conceptual under- standing of using words in art. Optional Friday night pot luck, no additional fee.


June 17-19

How does an art quilt idea grow from a shape? Learn two-dimensional design skills though an investigation of paper-cut silhouettes, Japanese Notan ex- ercises, black ink drawings, stencil and silkscreen de- sign. Explore personal imagery, symbols and mean- ing as touchstones for de- signing for the decorative arts in fabric applicable to quilting, art cloth, garment design and embellishment, as well as learning techniques for simplifying and abstracting images to produce original designs on paper and fabric. Take home a journal quilt ready for stitching. Optional Friday night pot luck, no additional fee.


July 17-19 and repeats August 21-23

This year’s “Burning Woman Workshop”!
Participants design and make a small art quilt “altar” for kitchen or dining room using sun-printing, vegetable prints, fusing, hand and machine stitching and “found” fabrics from attic, thrift store or kitchen closet. We will recycle napkins, tea towels and other like objects and design a thermofax featuring a meaningful symbol, favorite fruit, icon, saint, culinary heroine, an- gel or other meaningful de- sign as the centerpiece for the altar. These altars can be serious or sentimental, comic or universal – it’s up to the individual artist. (This workshop has an additional $12 fee per person for the altar boxes that the quilts are stretched upon.)


Dates to be determined

Plan a weekend with your artist and should-be artist friends. Susie will design a custom weekend workshop with fiber, mixed media and creativity exercises with your interests and skill levels in mind. Possibilities: soy wax batik, art journals and hand-made books, art dolls and totems. This is the ultimate play date, with great food, the Texas Hill Country, a Saturday night rodeo or music outing (options, not in stone) and fun with “stuff.” Ttherapeutic massage services available from licensed masseuse. Minimum 4 friends, maximum, up to 8 depending on accommodation with shared rooms. The topics and techniques covered are up to you -- and any of the previous El Cielo Workshops can be adapted to your desires.